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Actils Forklift Trucks

Actils Forklift Truck Wheels


  • Stand On Stackers
  • Sit On Stackers
  • Low Lifters
  • Order Picker Trucks
  • Specialist Trucks

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Actils Forklift Trucks started out in 1954 as Kugelverken AB, manufacturing forklift trucks under the brand name Abeko. The company eventually changed it’s name Actil Warehouse Trucks and is now based out of Flemma in Vreta Kloster, Sweden. Actils Forklift Trucks engineered and built in Sweden.

Actil Warehouse Trucks produce a core range of 10 basic models of electric forklift trucks for indoor use and are designed to withstand harsh environments without downtime. Approximately 25% of production of Actil Warehouse Trucks are bespoke to meet specific customer requirements. 


Built to deliver the best overall economy for intense driving With lifting capciting ranging from 1350-2000k and heights up to 7200mm. Available with four-step stand (Quadruple) to provide low construction height on the stand.

The stacker range includes a double truck for double stacking with a low centre of gravity for stability - Both the support legs and the forks can be used simultaneously for transporting two pallets. 

Low Lifters

Designed for safety low lifters are more flexible than articulated stackers allowing pallet racks to be positioned closer to each other freeing up precious warehouse space. With a lifting capacities ranging from 2000-3300 kg and different fork configurations for long forks for handling several pallets or three roll cages these small trucks are versatile, safe and extremely capable.

Order Pickers

Efficient designed order pickers with a lifting capacity ranging from 1000 – 2000 kg. The forks can be raised and lowered separately or ordered permanently welded to the platform.

Specialist Trucks

Actils are renowned for their specialist and bespoke forklift trucks. They can produce reel handlers for the for the print/paper industry, vehicle movers used to transport vehicles both large and small, platform trucks, pike trucks and scissor lifts.

Shop Wheels For Doosan Forklift Trucks

At TEP Technica our team of technical advisors can help identify the appropriate wheel for your Actils Forklift Truck.  At our UK HQ we stock a wide range of replacement wheels Actils Forklift Trucks and have built one of the world’s largest databases of over 60,000 OEM parts data including: tread width, hub width, mounting width, inner diameter, bore hole diameter, tread material, hub material, tread surface, bearings, bolt hole type and load capacities.  This allows our technical team to assist you in finding the exact wheel for yourActils truck.


If you need replacement wheels for your Actils truck, shop the TEP Technica range of forklift wheels, or get in touch with our technical support team on +44 (0) 1256 763744.

Actils Forklift Truck Wheels