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Hubtex Forklift Trucks

Hubtex Forklift Wheels


  • Electric Multidirectional Sideloader
  • Diesel/Gas 4-way-sideloader
  • Electric Multidirectional CounterbalanceForklift
  • Electric Reach Trucks
  • Long Load Order Picker
  • Sheet Order Picker
  • Platform Transporter and Railmounted trucks
  • Electrix Heavy-Duty Compact Forklift

HUBTEX was founded in 1981 and specialises in custom-built industrial forklift trucks, sideloaders and special-purpose equipment for long, heavy and bulky goods. 

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader

Designed to handle long items and travel along narrow aisles allowing rack rows space to be optimised the multidirectional sideloader creates space for increased storage capacity. The compact HUBTEX sideloader can be customised to suit your operational challenges when handling large loads including cable drums, oversized pallets, chipboard and long materials in the metals and plastic industries.

Diesel/Gas 4-way-sideloader

With a load capacity of up to 14 tonne the HUBTEX range of 4-way-sideloaders is a suitable for heavy and bulky goods both indoors and out. The latest DQ-X model has been developed to incorporate reduced energy consumption and noise minimization. The intelligent vehicle control system means the pumps and cooling system are only supplied with as much energy as is required to carry out the task reducing fuel consumption and noise.

Electric Multidirectional Counterbalance Forklift

The patented HX steering system on these trucks make them efficient to drive and easy to operate. The enhanced visibility from the compact lift mask and fork carriage makes the forklift ideally suited for loading and unloading trucks. Manoeuvrability is key to these trucks – the 4-wheel multidirectional chassis system allows the truck to transition between directional changes quickly.

Electric Reach Trucks

High load capacity trucks in a compact design make this HUBTEX range a great solution for heavy handling in narrow aisles allowing you to make optimum use of limited space.  Ergonomically designed the cab offers all-round visibility, vibration damping and unrestricted legroom for the drivers comfort.

Long Load Order Picker

The HUBTEX range of long load order pickers are designed for picking profiles and pipes in narrow aisles.  The ESTL Phoenix truck includes a detachable platform for flexible usage.  HUBTEX order pickers are designed to bring the operator to goods to reduce work effort and prevent damage to goods and materials.

Sheet Order Picker

Designed specifically to safely handle sheet stock including wood, sheet metals, plastics, doors, panels and frames.  Picker trucks can be tailored to your requirements and challenges including removable platforms, vacuum suction devices, 2 mast or scissor lift versions.

Platform Transporter and Railmounted trucks

Specialist trucks designed for automotive, aviation, metal and electrical industries the HUBTEX railmounted trucks are suitable for heavy loads greater than 20 tons.  Configured for your operational needs and designed in collaboration with the client HUBTEX transporters can be adapted to numerous applications including transporting welding robots, machine parts, steel girders and coils.

Electrix Heavy-Duty Compact Forklift

The HUBTEX RoxX is characterised by very compact external dimensions making it suited to small spaces.  Offering maximum manoeuvrability, energy efficiency and quiet operation in confined spaces.

HUBTEX forklift trucks and warehousing equipment are used to manoeuvre multiple loads including:

  • Metals
  • Coils
  • Reels
  • Chipboard sheets
  • Drums
  • Plastics
  • Pipes
  • Girders

At TEP Technica our team of technical advisors can help identify the appropriate wheel for your HUBTEX Forklift Truck.  At our UK HQ we stock a wide range of replacement wheels HUBTEX Forklift Trucks and have built one of the world’s largest databases of over 60,000 OEM parts data including: tread width, hub width, mounting width, inner diameter, bore hole diameter, tread material, hub material, tread surface, bearings, bolt hole type and load capacities.  This allows our technical team to assist you in finding the exact wheel for your Hubtex truck.

Our extensive range of wheels for HUBTEX Forklift Trucks includes:

  • Drive Wheels- Our drive wheel range for HUBTEX Forklift Trucks includes Polyurethane wheels, wet grip wheels and quartz wheels.
  • Grooved Wheels– A range of grooved nylon wheels suitable for HUBTEX Forklift Trucks.
  • Guide Roller- A range of nylon wheels suitable for HUBTEX Forklift Trucks, including antistatic wheels.
  • Keyway Wheel-  A range of keyway wheels suitable forHUBTEX  Forklift Trucks, including polyurethane wheels.
  • Load Wheel-A range of load wheels suitable for HUBTEX Forklift Trucks, including polyurethane and nylon wheels.
  • Press On Tyre- A range of press on tyres suitable for HUBTEX Forklift Trucks, including polyurethane and rubber wheels.
  • Stabilizer Wheel- A range of stabilizer wheels suitable for HUBTEX Forklift Trucks, including polyurethane and nylon wheels.

If you need replacement wheels for your HUBTEX truck, shop the TEP Technica range of forklift wheels, or get in touch with our technical support team on +44 (0) 1256 763744.

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