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Introduction to bakery castors

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TEP Technica supplies three main types of bakery castor. We supply a very high quality heat resistant bakery castor with a soft rubber tread directly bonded to a heat stabilised rim. The rim is made from a shatter resistant thermoplastic. We also supply this wheel with only the heat resistant material as both the tread and hub. This is a harder wearing material with a higher load capacity than the rubber version. Our bakery wheels are resistant to cold and heat and maintain its operating performance within a range of -40°C to +280°C. Our bakery wheels come complete with a plain bore and INOX bush.

We can also supply these bakery and oven wheels with a stainless steel swivel bracket, ideal for operating in a modern bakery. We also supply the more traditional phenolic wheels for operating in bakeries. These wheels are made of a phenolic resin, they come with a plain bearing and are heat resistant up to +230°C. All our bakery and oven castors are manufactured to withstand high temperatures associated with operating in and around ovens and due to the high quality of the materials used they have a very high life cycle.

Key benefits of our bakery castors

  • Manufactured in Germany and Italy to a very high standard
  • Three different types to suit your bakery requirements
  • Longer life cycle, lower costs, less maintenance
  • Shatter and heat resistant
  • Suitable for maintaining a hygienic environment