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Introduction to castor wheels

Castor Wheels

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Industrial Castors

Castor wheels are used worldwide for industrial, manufacturing, commercial and domestic use for the safe and efficient movement of goods.  At TEP Technica we stock an extensive range of industrial casters for a wide variety of applications.


What are Castor Wheels? (Or Caster Wheels)

A castor (or caster) is an undriven wheel designed to enable an object to move and is attached to the bottom of an object via a stem or mounting plate.

Castors are mainly categorised in two types: Swivel and fixed. Swivel castors are ideally suited to the movement of heavy loads in material handing applications, theatre and stage settings, hospital beds, carts, dollies and trollies. These castor can swivel 360 degrees allowing flexible manoeuvrability.

Swivel castors or casters are generally fitted to the rear of the load and fixed castors to the front.

Fixed castors are designed to only move forward and backward, and are generally used when equipment doesn’t have to move as often or as far.

Castor wheels are rated on: strength, durability and manoeuvrability and should be selected to suit the load capacity and operating environment.


What is the difference between a wheel and a castor?

Castors are wheels on a rotating mount and are used to help move and transport loads, whereas wheels have a centre hole for a spindle and are suited to mechanical applications. 

A wheel can only spin on a single axis – this restricts it to roll in only one direction at a time. Castors are able to swivel and allow an object to be moved in more than one direction.


Types of Castors/Casters

Plate Castors  (Or Caster Wheels)

Mounted plate castors offering a high degree of strength and stability due to load weight distribution. Plate castors are often used on machinery and dollies.

Stem Casters  (Or Caster Wheels)

When there isn’t enough surface space to use a mounting plate stem castors are a great choice. Stem castors are assemblies with a wheel(s) mounted on a fork – the stem allows the castor to be secured to the bottom of equipment like office furniture, scaffolding, tubular frames and racks into a hole, socket, or bracket.

Levelling Castors (Or Caster Wheels)

The Levelling castor wheel is used for objects that need to be stationary when in use, but also require occasional movement – for example shop display units, vending machines, laboratory equipment.  The leveling pad is raised when the object needs to be moved and lowered once the object has reached the desired position.

Rubber Castors (Or Caster Wheels)

Where surfaces are uneven and challenging rubber or pneumatic castors are suited to this type of environment.  Rubber castors also provide a greater deal of cushioning and noise reduction - ideal for stage & theatre applications.

Castor Wheels from TEP Technica

Applications for castor wheels (Or Caster Wheels)

  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Mobile Stage Sets /Scenery mover
  • Transport Castor
  • Picking Carts
  • Office Chairs and furniture
  • Trolleys
  • Hospital Beds
  • Nylon ball castors for furniture
  • Cargo Conveyor Casters
  • Platform trucks
  • Dollies and dolly trucks
  • Euro container and plastic box trolleys

Highly Engineered Castor Wheels Or Caster Wheels

We offer a wide range of caster wheels to suit your budget, product expectations and application. We supply caster wheels in numerous materials including vulkollan, polyurethane, rubber, polypropylene and nylon. We hold a huge range of castor wheels,  with polyurethane directly bonded to a cast iron or steel hub. These castor wheels, caster wheels are available in many different sizes from stock and come with ball bearings and various end caps and plastic or metal shields for longer life. The castor wheels, caster wheels are typically heavy or very heavy duty with load capacities up to 2 tonne. We also stock a wide range of castor wheels, caster wheels for light to heavy duty applications and these come in various sizes and widths with roller bearings, needle bearings, plain bearings and ball bearings.

We stock these castor (caster) wheels with a variety of tread materials directly bonded to cast iron, steel, plastic or polypropylene centres. These castor wheels have load capacities from 80kgs to 1000kgs and can be purchased either directly from the castor  shop on this website or you can place your order by calling us. You do not have to buy a complete caster assembly to replace your old castor if it is only the castor wheel that needs replacing. To reduce replacement costs we stock castor wheels on their own for nearly our entire range of industrial caster assemblies. Most of our castor wheels, caster wheels are non-marking but please check with us before ordering your castor wheels. 

Heavy Duty Swivel Castor Twin Polyurethane WheelsElectrically Conductive Swivel Castor WheelHeavy Duty Swivel Castor Wheel With Bearings

Industrial Castors

We stock:

  • Industrial castor wheels
  • Vulkollan castor wheels
  • Rubber castor wheels
  • polyurethane castor wheels
  • Caster wheels
  • Rubber caster wheels
  • Heavy duty rubber
  • Swivel castor wheels
  • Fixed castor wheels
  • Heavy duty castor wheels
  • Steel castor wheels

Key benefits of our castor/caster wheels

  • Manufactured in mainland Europe
  • Wide range of sizes and bearing configurations
  • High quality wheels at very competitive prices
  • Wide choice of tread materials
  • Light, medium and heavy duty wheels to suit your usage requirements
  • Huge range in stock for next day delivery

Tread materials

We offer a comprehensive range of casters and castor wheels with a high quality polyurethane, solid rubber, nylon, polypropylene and electrically conductive tread materials on a variety of hub centres to offer suitable load ratings and match duty cycle requirements. Our rubber casters come in either blue or black and are either marking or non-marking. For details on matching our industrial casters (castors) for specific applications please contact our sales team who are available from Monday to Friday and 8:30am to 5:00pm on 01256 763744.

Industrial Casters/Castors - Design

We offer our customers a full design service for large scale production right down to individually manufactured parts for polyurethane press on tyres, vulkollan and polyurethane industrial wheels, drive wheel, castors, casters and load wheels with bearings. Using the latest AutoCAD and AutoDesk products we can provide you with technical drawings and designs in multiple formats for the design and manufacture of any type of wheel assembly.

Below are some of our most industrial casters and castors selected from our range because they have proven particularly popular. They are normally on stock and available for next day delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland including Northern Ireland. For offshore deliveries including Eire please contact us to arrange transport. Technical drawings are available upon request. Price range varies depending on demand, exchange rates, raw material costs and quantities required at time of order. All of our industrial castors and caster are manufactured in Germany, Italy or Spain. We offer a much wider range of castors and industrial casters than we can show here so please do enquire if you cannot see exactly the castor you require.

You can find all of the items in our castor shop. For quickness enter the product code in the quick search at the bottom of the castor shop main page and order from there. Whether you need a replacement castor for a damaged unit or an entire set of castors get in touch.  At our UK warehouse we hold a large stocks of industrial castor wheels that can be dispatched on a next day delivery service. We offer a wide array of caster wheels to suit a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Order online or get in touch with our technical support team on +44 (0) 1256 763744.

Castor Wheels from TEP Technica