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Introduction to guide rollers

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TEP Technica offers a wide range of guide rollers including grooved rollers and single or double flanged wheels. Our guide rollers can be used for a variety of applications within the material handling industry, stage and theatre and for specific applications. Our guide rollers come with various tread materials including vulkollan, polyurethane, PU, Nylon, polypropylene and steel. We offer guide rollers for large forklifts which operate on rails as they go up and down isles.

These guide rollers are subjected to huge stresses and regular impact so we often recommend Vulkollan® to help increase the life of your guide rollers. We have in stock one of the most comprehensive ranges of guide rollers in the UK and offer next day delivery in most cases. While many of our guide rollers are for specific applications we also offer many standard versions of guide rollers in many standard sizes too.

Key benefits of our guide rollers

  • Manufactured in Germany by Rader Vogel
  • High quality to ensure a perfect fit
  • Wide choice of tread materials
  • Very durable and log lasting
  • Impact and tear resistance

Examples of our guide rollers

We offer a very wide range of guide rollers in various materials including vulkollan for very intense applications that requiring resistant to impact damage, high load capacities, high temperatures and/or will be operating for prolonged periods of time. It would not be possible to show all our guide rollers on this page so here are a few examples of guide rollers we offer. If you would like to see more of the guide rollers we offer you can go to our industrial wheel shop or search by entering specific information into our advanced search.

If you are not sure or you cannot find the guide wheel / guide roller you are looking for then please call a member of our technical sales team for assistance. Please note the price ranges below are only a guide so please check actual prices at time of purchase. Prices do vary due to market conditions, volumes, exchange rate changes, material costs and whether you are a trade professional. If you are not sure - ask!