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Introduction to polyurethane castors

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TEP Technica stocks a wide range of polyurethane castors ranging from medium to heavy duty. We supply polyurethane castors with either plain bearings or ball bearings and we also supply polyurethane castors with either an aluminium centre/hub or with a cast iron centre/hub. Our polyurethane castors are manufactured in Western Europe to a very high standard with a nice looking finish. We stock polyurethane castors with load capacities ranging from 150kgs up to 1500kgs and can supply polyurethane castors up to 4000kgs in capacity. You can search our stock of polyurethane castors in our castor shop and find what you are looking for by castor type, castor height, castor wheel diameter, castor bracket type, and price and load capacity.

We pride ourselves on only supplying our customers with high quality polyurethane castors. Our range of polyurethane castors typically outperform competitor brands of polyurethane castors and offer our customers lower replacement costs, increased productivity and lower life cycle costs than cheaper polyurethane castors which require more frequent replacement. Our polyurethane castors come with cast iron or aluminium wheels with polyurethane tread directly bonded. The polyurethane castors in our medium to heavy duty range are impact, tear and wear resistance, non-marking and resistant to many common oils and greases. We hold a variety of different polyurethane castors in stock in the UK for next day delivery. If you place an online order for polyurethane castors before 4pm which are in stock then you will receive your polyurethane castors on the next working day. Our polyurethane castors are suitable for most heavy duty applications operating under high load and uneven surfaces. Keywords: Polyurethane castors, polyurethane swivel castors, polyurethane fixed castors, polyurethane braked castors.

Key benefits of our polyurethane castors

  • Good dynamic load capacity
  • High elasticity
  • Good compressive deformation behaviour
  • Excellent damping behaviour
  • Good resistance to a multitude of chemical media such as oils, greases, and cleaning agents
  • Good abrasion and cut resistance, and tensile strength
  • Low starting and rolling resistance

Examples of polyurethane castors

We stock a wide range of high quality polyurethane casters with both swivel and braked brackets with or without single bolt fixings. We offer very heavy duty polyurethane castors with cast iron centres which can manage heavy loads for very long periods of time or in applications with very high physical demand. We also offer a range of light to medium duty polyurethane castors with thermoplastic or aluminium centres for light, occassional and medium use. Prices for our polyurethane casters will vary depending on exchange rate changes but all prices for polyurethane casters in our caster shop will be accurate at time of purchase. Please remember that our prices for polyurethane castors exclude VAT. With such a vast range of polyurethane casters in stock in the UK all available for next day delivery it would take too long to list all our polyurethane caster wheels here and keep updated so please visit our castor shop to order your polyuerthane castors online or call our technical sales team who have a wealthof experience with industrial castors.