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Introduction to rubber castors

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TEP Technica Ltd stocks a wide range of rubber castors with different bracket types including swivel, fixed, braked, single bolt fixing and stainless steel. We also offer rubber castors in light duty and medium duty and heavy duty depending on the nature of your application. If you need technical guidance with selecting your rubber castors then please contact our sales team of assistance.

All of the rubber castors on this website are manufactured in Western Europe and are quality assured. We can offer rubber castors in both marking and non-marking compounds Keywords: Rubber castors, solid rubber castors, resilient rubber castors, rubber swivel castors.

Key benefits of our rubber castors

  • Manufactured in Western Europe
  • High quality brackets guarantees functionality
  • Wide variety of bracket types and wheel materials
  • Compact locking devices
  • Permanent and safe locking in all applications

Industrial rubber castors

TEP Technica stocks a wide range of very high quality rubber casters manufactured in the UK and Western Europe. To view our entire range please visit our castor shop or call our technical sales team for assistance. We cannot list all our rubber castors here so below is a small sample with a price range which maybe different at the time of your purchase. All prices for rubber casters at time of purchase are in real time and should be correct.