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Introduction to rubber wheels

We stock a wide range of rubber wheels and you can search our main series of standard rubber wheels here or our entire stock of rubber forklift wheels using the advanced search facility but please note you must register first to use the search facility or if you prefer call our technical sales team would be happy to help.

To view technical information and datasheets please click here

TEP Technica offers an extensive range of solid and pneumatic wheels including drive wheels and load wheels. We offer standard solid rubber wheels on a pressed steel rim with roller bearings. This range of solid rubber wheels has a load capacity of between 50 and 385kgs per wheel. We also offer electrically conductive solid rubber wheels also on a pressed steel rim with roller bearings but with a lower load capacity range of 50kgs to 205kgs.

We also offer a versatile elastic solid rubber tyre directly bonded to a range of hub materials including pressed steel, plastic and aluminium with a choice of stainless roller bearings and ball bearings. We also offer this elastic solid rubber tyre in a non-marking compound. Load capacity for the elastic rubber wheels range from 100kgs to 800kgs. TEP Technica Ltd also supplies a light duty range of non-marking thermoplastic rubber wheels on a plastic rim and with a capacity range of between 80 and 300kgs.

For our heavy duty range we can offer solid rubber load wheels and solid rubber drive wheels with welded steel centres and the option of directly bonded or with a press on tyre for easy replacement. The solid rubber drive wheels come with a standard bolt hole configuration and the solid rubber load wheels come with a variety of axle diameters and bearing types.

We offer pneumatic tyres for transport wheels with either plastic or pressed steel rims with plain or roller or ball bearings and load capacities ranging from 350kgs to 1100kgs. Keywords: rubber wheels, rubber drive wheels, solid rubber wheels, resilient rubber wheels, rubber load wheels.

Key benefits of our rubber wheels

  • Wide range of fitments to suit your application
  • Excellent traction when cornering and braking
  • Good levels of rider comfort
  • Very low rolling resistance
  • Easy to manoeuvre especially in tight spaces
  • Marking and non-marking available

Examples of rubber wheels

We stock a wide range of standard rubber wheels in common sizes with plastic, steel, nylon and cast iron centres. You can view our main rubber wheel series from the industrial wheel section of the website where you can also see prices, availability and order online. For delivery information and house rules please do check our delivery and returns page before ordering. If you have any queries do contact our technical sales team who will be happy to advise you.

Along with standard rubber drive wheels, rubber tires, rubber castors, rubber casters, rubber load wheels and rubber tyres we also stock all of the common rubber wheels for warehouse forklifts. All of our stock is based in the UK and all of our rubber wheels and tires are produced in Western Europe to a very high standard. It would take too long to list all the rubber wheels we can supply so instead we have listed below a small sample of the wheels in stock.