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LOC Forklift Trucks

LOC Forklift Truck Wheels


  • Stackers (Electric, Manual and single mast stackers)
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Order Pickers
  • Industrial Tractors
  • Articulated Trolley

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With over 90 years of experience in the materials handing industry LOC forklifts are designed and manufactured in their factory in Beaupréau-en-Mauges, France.  Clients work closely with the technical team to define the specification to meet customer specific needs - the final product is then tested by in house operators to meet CE certified standards. The LOC brand of Forklift trucks if part of the Manitou group and are recognised worldwide for their safety and reliability. 

The Manitou Group are established equipment manufacturers for the handling, lifting and movement of materials. Manitou origins date back to 1958 when Marcel Braud developed a machine based on the agricultural tractor with the addition of a lifting mast and hydraulic steering, resulting in the first all-terrain forklift truck: The MC 5.  Intended for the construction market the MC 5 had a load capacity of 500 kg. The Manitou Group went on develop efficient and safe solutions that reduce user hardship and promote productivity.

In 1981 the Manitou group launched the first telescopic telehandler, which led to the development of the rotary telescopic handler in 1993.  In the same year the company launched lifting platform variations and by 1995 developed the first truck-mounted forklift.


Wheels for LOC Forklift Trucks  Wheels for LOC Forklift TrucksWheels for LOC Forklift Trucks Wheels for LOC Forklift Trucks

LOC forklift trucks and warehousing equipment are used in a variety of industries:

  • Retail/Wholesale/Supermarkets
  • Food/beverages (including chilled temperature-controlled environments)
  • Manufacturing/ Production Environments
  • Automotive
  • Chemical industry/pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Printing
  • Transport
  • Logistics -Mail & Parcel Delivery/Distribution Centres
  • Construction
  • Fisheries
  • Wet Areas

At TEP Technica our team of technical advisors can help identify the appropriate wheel for your LOC Forklift Truck.  At our UK HQ we stock a wide range of replacement wheels LOC Forklift Trucks and have built one of the world’s largest databases of over 60,000 OEM parts data including: tread width, hub width, mounting width, inner diameter, borehole diameter, tread material, hub material, tread surface, bearings, bolt hole type and load capacities.  This allows our technical team to assist you in finding the exact wheel for your LOC truck.

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Our extensive range of wheels for LOC Forklift Trucks includes:

  • Drive Wheels- Our drive wheel range for LOC Forklift Trucks includes Polyurethane wheels, wet grip wheels and quartz wheels.
  • Grooved Wheels– A range of grooved nylon wheels suitable for LOC Forklift Trucks.
  • Guide Roller- A range of nylon wheels suitable for LOC Forklift Trucks, including antistatic wheels.
  • Keyway Wheel-  A range of keyway wheels suitable for LOC Forklift Trucks, including polyurethane wheels.
  • Load Wheel-A range of load wheels suitable for LOC Forklift Trucks, including polyurethane and nylon wheels.
  • Press On Tyre- A range of press on tyres suitable for LOC Forklift Trucks, including polyurethane and rubber wheels.
  • Stabilizer Wheel- A range of stabilizer wheels suitable for LOC Forklift Trucks, including polyurethane and nylon wheels.

If you need replacement wheels for your LOC truck, shop the TEP Technica range of forklift wheels or get in touch with our technical support team on +44 (0) 1256 763744.

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