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150/50/55/125/25 Vulkollan Wheel with Bearings & Greaser

The Vulkollan tread on this wheel makes it an excellent choice for applications demanding high speed and heavy loads. It is non-marking, excels in noise reduction, ensures operational smoothness, exhibits low rolling resistance, provides floor protection, demonstrates resistance to wear and tear, withstands exposure to various chemicals and oils, operates effectively across a broad temperature range, retains its shape during extended periods of inactivity, boasts a prolonged service life, and embodies inherent durability. Complete with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.
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General information

More Information
Product Code P0678
Product Type Stabilizer Wheel
Tread Material Vulkollan
Manufacturer Logistex
Bearings Yes
Load Capacity (kg) 660
Tread Hardness 93 Shore A
Hub Material Cast Iron
Tread Surface Smooth
Unit Weight (kg) 2.50


Wheel Diameter (mm) 150
Tread Width (mm) 50
Hub Width (mm) 55
Mounting Width (mm) 55
Inner Diameter (mm) 125
Bore Hole Diameter (mm) 25
Hub Diameter (mm) 61