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53/35/35/12 Nylon Roller with 6201 2RS Ball Bearings - PAG

This load wheel features a robust cast nylon (PA6G) tread which is known for its mechanical strength, high load bearing, durability, and toughness in a variety of applications. It has good wear and tear resistance, low rolling resistance, and is non-marking. Can operate at both high and low temperatures, and is resistant to many chemicals, and oils. This nylon load wheel provides a cost-effective, lightweight solution with a remarkably high load capacity. While the hardness of nylon may lead to noise and potential floor damage, it remains a preferred choice for numerous industrial applications. Additionally, this wheel is backed by a 12-month manufacturer's warranty against production defects.
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General information

More Information
Product Code P1332
Product Type Load Wheel
Tread Material PA6G Nylon
Bearings Yes
Housing Description 32 x 10
Load Capacity (kg) 310
Tread Hardness 83 Shore D
Hub Material PA6G Nylon
Tread Surface Smooth
Unit Weight (kg) 0.10


Wheel Diameter (mm) 53
Tread Width (mm) 35
Hub Width (mm) 35
Mounting Width (mm) 35
Bore Hole Diameter (mm) 12