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Paus Forklift Trucks

Paus Forklift Truck Wheels


  • Electric Compact Heavy Duty Forklifts
  • Diesel Compact Heavy Duty Forklifts

Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik was Founded in 1968 by Hermann and Agnes Paus and remain to this day a family run business. Developing and producing industrial purpose-built equipment for the mining industry and applications in lift technology, construction and industrial settings, the Paus brand is know for "Quality made in Germany". Alongside their range of heavy duty forklift trucks Paus produce industrial lift technology equipment including:

  • Trailer Cranes for roofers and carpenters
  • Elevating Work Platforms for working at height
  • Furniture & Building Elevators for elevating materials in the construction industry
  • Utility Vehicles – Loaders, Dumpers, Ramming Vehicles, Service Vehicles, Road Maintenance Vehicles, Concrete Spraying Vehicles, Scalers
  • Rail Mining Vehicles       
  • Railway Vehicles
  • Swing Loaders
  • Telescopic Swing Loaders
  • Telescopic Wheel Loaders
  • Dumpers

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Paus Electric Compact Heavy Duty Forklifts

The Paus PSE series of compact electric forklifts are extremely agile and energy-efficient with a load capacity of 10, 13, 15 and 18 tonnes. Designed with precise, simple and sensitive handling, Paus forklifts are robust yet manoeuvrable. 

Due to the low noise and exhaust free build, Paus electric trucks are suitable for applications where conditions are sensitive, enclosed and require clean air.

Paus Diesel Compact Heavy Duty Forklifts

Extremely robust, the Paus series of heavy duty compact forklifts have a load capacity of up to 35 tonnes. Designed with a large steering angle of the rear axle steered by steering arms and the short overall length, Paus Heavy Duty Forklifts have an excellent turning ability.

Despite their compact design, Paus Heavy Duty Forklifts have a spacious insulated comfort cabin for operator comfort for improved safety and productivity.

At TEP Technica our team of technical advisors can help identify the appropriate wheel for your Paus Forklift Truck.  At our UK HQ we stock replacement wheels Paus Forklift Trucks and have built one of the world’s largest databases of over 60,000 OEM parts data including: tread width, hub width, mounting width, inner diameter, borehole diameter, tread material, hub material, tread surface, bearings, bolt hole type and load capacities.  This allows our technical team to assist you in finding the exact wheel for your Paus truck.

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If you need replacement wheels for your Paus truck, shop the TEP Technica range of forklift wheels or get in touch with our technical support team on +44 (0) 1256 763744.

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