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Wheels For Schindler Escalators

Schindler Escalator WheelsSchindler Escalator Wheels

The Schindler Group was established back in 1874 in Switzerland by Robert Schindler and Eduard Villiger. The group has grown to become a worldwide provider of lifts, moving walkways and escalators. In 1960 Schindler Ltd (UK) was formed, with further divisions established throughout the globe including the Schindler Elevator Corporation in North America - now one of the largest producers of elevators and escalators in the US.

Swiss Engineered

With the company's origins firmly rooted in Switzerland, Schindler's legacy of precision engineering has contributed to a reputation for quality, safety and reliability. All production units conform to a globally unified assembly and quality standards.

Designed to meet the most exceptional safety requirements, Schindler escalators provide visual guidance options for passengers with moving LED direction indicators and step gap lighting, intelligent braking systems, plus speed and direction monitors.  Combined with a stringent selection of component parts Schindler escalators are a reliable option for all applications.

Schindler EscalatorsSchindler Escalators

Space Optimisation

In modern cities space is at a premium. Where a building’s footprint cannot be increased, internal configuration can help increase the usable area.

The compact design of Schindler the 9300 escalator with reduced entry and exit areas, and a narrow profile, provides an enlarged accessible space within a building. This extends the potential rental space for shopping centres, stadiums, airports exhibition halls and office blocks.

Schindler EscalatorsSchindler Escalators

Energy Effiency

Escalators support the development of urban areas by accommodating more people using less land, and providing accessible and space saving options for inner city life. Whilst removing the impact to the environment of building outside of cities, escalators improve the life span of older building helping to reduce carbon footprint. Combined with efficient operating, Schindler is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions for commercial buildings and transport hubs.

The Schindler drive system in the 9300 model, in combination with three ECO (Energy Control Option) operating modes, provides an ISO energy rating of A+++1. This smart energy saving feature constantly monitors the load i.e. the number of passengers, to determine the operating mode and optimise efficiency. The optional stop-&-go function and which can generate energy savings of up to 20% make Schindler escalators more economical to run and increases the life-cycle of mechanical parts.

Schindler EscalatorsSchindler Escalators

Applications For Schindler Escalators

  • Transportation Centres
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hotels
  • Offices Buildings
  • Apartment Blocks
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Public Buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Commercial Buildings
Schindler EscalatorsSchindler Escalators

Increased Service Life

The key components in Schindler escalators are selected to secure reliability, robustness and increase service life. At TEP Technica quality is our priority, which is why we have partnered with the world’s number one escalator wheel manufacturer.  Faigle are the leading name for escalator wheels, supplying around 70% of all rollers used on escalators and moving walkways worldwide.

Faigle WheelsFaigle Wheels

Every detail is meticulously designed and tested to ensure safety and smooth operation. Using high abrasion resistance PAS-PU H thermoplastic polyurethane, Faigle rollers can withstand heavy loads and continuous operation. The roller ball bearing protection system on the rollers is designed to prevent dust, dirt and moisture entering the bearing which can corrode and shorten the life span – this safeguards against premature failure for outdoor applications in particular.

At Technica we stock a wide range of Faigle wheels suitable for Schindler escalators and moving walkways. 

Schindler EscalatorsSchindler Escalators


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