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Industrial castorsIndustrial castors


TEP Technica Ltd stocks a wide range of industrial castors with different tread materials (vulkollan, polyurethane, nylon, polypropylene, rubber, non-marking rubber and PU) as well as different bracket types including swivel, fixed, braked, single bolt fixing and stainless steel. We offer industrial castors in light duty, medium duty and heavy duty depending on the nature of your application.


All of our casters are manufactured for industrial applications with heavy duty taking both higher load capacities and being capable of working more frequently and in more intense applications. Our range of light and medium duty casters are also very well made and capable of working regularly while under load. If you need technical guidance with selecting your industrial castors then please contact our sales team of assistance. All of the industrial castors on this website are manufactured in Western Europe and are quality assured. Our key product range includes: industrial castors, industrial swivel castors, industrial fixed castors, castors with brakes and industrial wheels.


We stock a large and growing range of industrial castors with many different tread materials, hub configurations and bracket types to suit most applications.


Some of the key benefits of our industrial castors include:


Industrial castorsIndustrial castors
  • High quality brackets guarantee functionality
  • Wide variety of bracket types and wheel materials
  • Compact locking devices
  • Permanent and safe locking in all applications
  • High quality housings/brackets
  • Good compressive deformation behaviour
  • Excellent damping behaviour
  • Good resistance to a multitude of chemical media such as oils, greases, and cleaning agents
  • Good abrasion and cut resistance, and tensile strength
  • Low starting and rolling resistance
  • Highest dynamic load capacity
  • Higher abrasion and tear propagation resistance than most other materials
  • Highest modulus of elasticity of all elastomer’s
  • High mechanical wear resistance
  • High impact resilience
  • Low compression set
  • Also available: hydrolysis stabilized


Industrial castors, also known as industrial wheels or heavy-duty casters, are essential components in various industries for the movement of heavy loads and equipment. Here is a list of common applications for industrial castors:


Material Handling:

Industrial castors are widely used in material handling applications, including warehouse carts, platform trucks, dollies, and industrial trolleys. They enable the easy and smooth movement of heavy goods and materials within industrial environments.

Industrial Equipment:

Many industrial machines and equipment require mobility to facilitate their operation and maintenance. Castors are used in machinery such as assembly lines, conveyor systems, workstations, and industrial appliances, allowing for easy repositioning and mobility.

Industrial Carts and Trolleys:

Castors are commonly found on various types of carts and trolleys used in industries like manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare. These carts and trolleys are used for transporting tools, parts, supplies, medical equipment, and other heavy loads.

Automotive Industry:

 Industrial castors are utilized in automotive manufacturing plants for moving vehicle components, automotive parts, and assembly line processes. They are used in automobile trolleys, racks, carts, and maintenance equipment.

Aerospace Industry:

In the aerospace sector, castors are employed for transporting aircraft components, engines, and maintenance equipment within hangars, assembly lines, and maintenance facilities. They ensure smooth and precise movement while handling heavy and delicate parts.

Construction and Building Sites:

Industrial castors are used in construction and building sites to move heavy construction materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and construction equipment. They are often found on scaffolding, material carts, and portable workstations.

Manufacturing and Assembly Lines:

Industrial castors play a vital role in manufacturing and assembly line operations, facilitating the movement of workstations, assembly jigs, and production equipment. They enhance efficiency by enabling quick reconfiguration and relocation of equipment.

Warehousing and Logistics:

Industrial castors are integral to the smooth operation of warehouses and logistics centers. They are used in pallet jacks, forklifts, roll cages, platform trucks, dollies, picking carts, Euro containers and storage racks, allowing for easy maneuverability and efficient movement of goods.

Medical and Healthcare:

In hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, castors are found on equipment such as medical carts, stretchers, patient beds, and medical supply trolleys. These castors enable caregivers to move patients and medical equipment safely and smoothly.

Food Service and Hospitality:

Industrial castors are utilized in commercial kitchens, food service trolleys, and hospitality environments for easy transport of heavy catering equipment, food carts, racks, and mobile storage units.

Mobile Satge Sets/Scenery Mover:

Industrial castors are installed at the bottom of stage platforms to make them easily movable. These platforms can be connected and arranged in different configurations to create the desired stage layout. Castors enable stage sets to be quickly set up, repositioned, or dismantled as needed. The castors are designed to withstand the weight and provide stability during movement. They enable the stage sets to be loaded onto trucks or trailers and transported to different event locations. Industrial castors used in mobile stage sets are often equipped with locking mechanisms. These mechanisms immobilize the castors, preventing any accidental movement while the stage is in use. In addition to the main stage platforms, castors are also integrated into various accessories and equipment used in mobile stage sets. Examples include lighting towers, sound equipment racks, prop carts, and backstage equipment. 



Industrial castorsIndustrial castors


Their versatility, strength, and maneuverability make them indispensable in various industries where heavy loads need to be moved efficiently and safely.  


With our wide range of castors, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you are investing in highly engineered, quality products that are built to last.


With well over £1million of stock at cost value, and more than 3000 different wheels and castors available from the UK at any given time, we are sure to have the right product for you.