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Polyurethane castorsPolyurethane castors


TEP Technica stocks a wide range of polyurethane castors ranging from medium to heavy duty. We supply polyurethane castors with either plain bearings or ball bearings and we also supply polyurethane castors with either an aluminium centre/hub or with a cast iron centre/hub. 


We stock polyurethane castors with load capacities ranging from 150kgs up to 1500kgs and can supply polyurethane castors up to 4000kgs in capacity. You can search our stock of polyurethane castors in our castor shop and find what you are looking for by castor type, castor height, castor wheel diameter, castor bracket type, and price and load capacity.



Polyurethane castors can be manufactured to range of hardness dependent on the intended application. 

Ranging from soft to very hard, polyurethane wheel fabrication is controlled by the compound ingredients and through the production process.  They key benefits of polyurethane castors are:


Polyurethane castorsPolyurethane castors
Noise reduction:

Polyurethane castors are utilised in industrial applications to reduce noise levels. Compared to steel or cast iron PU castors are considerably quieter. The polyurethane acts as a shock absorber on uneven terrain which can significantly reduce noise levels to help protect employees’ hearing and create an improved working environment.

Floor protection:

PU casters are generally non-marking and function efficiently on hard surfaces like concrete, ceramic tiles and even hardwood. The large surface area and shock absorption of a polyurethane castor reduces the direct stress to a floor. In manufacturing, laboratories and industrial industries where flooring can be expensive, a polyurethane castor is an appropriate choice to minimise floor damage. This characteristic is also essential in environments that require cleanliness and aesthetics, such as hospitals, hotels, or exhibition halls.

Dynamic load bearing capacity:

In comparison to rubber castors polyurethane castors have a higher load bearing capacity and good compressive deformation behaviour with all the benefits of a rubber tread e.g noise reduction, shock absorption, and floor protection.

Reduced floor damage:

Twin wheel castors are less likely to damage floors than single-wheel castors, as the weight is spread across two wheels instead of one.

Shock absorbtion:

The elastic properties of polyurethane help absorb shocks and vibrations, improving the overall comfort and safety of moving objects or equipment. This feature is especially useful in applications where the transported goods are fragile or sensitive to impact.

High grip and traction:

Polyurethane castors are some of the most ergonomic on the market as they provide less resistance than other treads. Despite having a low starting and rolling resistance PU castors have a rough surface creating friction between the surface and the castor.  This allows for improved grip and traction compared to harder wheels. It also reduces the amount of load on the wheel to achieve the desired driving force.

Resistant to corrosion:

PU has a good resistance to a multitude of chemical media such as oils, greases, and cleaning agents that are present in commercial and industrial environments. In addition, polyurethane is resistant to moisture and water, which makes polyurethane castors suitable for use in wet or humid environments. 

Lower life cycle costs:

By choosing the right polyurethane castor for the application you can help ensure the polyurethanes will not break down or corrode prolonging the castor’s life. PU has  good abrasion and cut resistance, and tensile strength, with outstanding wear and tear resistance making it a long lasting and a cost effective solution.

Polyurethane castorsPolyurethane castors
Polyurethane castorsPolyurethane castors


Polyurethane castors find applications in a wide range of industries and environments due to their beneficial properties. Here are some common applications for polyurethane castors:


Material Handling Equipment:

Polyurethane castors are commonly used in various material handling equipment such as hand trucks, dollies, carts, and trolleys. They facilitate smooth and efficient movement of goods in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Industrial Machinery:

Polyurethane castors are suitable for heavy-duty applications involving industrial machinery, including conveyor systems, assembly lines, and equipment racks. They provide stability and ease of mobility in demanding industrial environments.

Furniture and Fixtures:

Polyurethane castors are widely used in furniture and fixtures, including chairs, tables, cabinets, and display units. They offer smooth and quiet rolling, floor protection, and ease of movement for both commercial and residential settings.

Medical Equipment:

Polyurethane castors are preferred in the healthcare industry due to their non-marking properties, floor protection, and quiet operation. They are commonly used in medical carts, hospital beds, IV stands, and other medical equipment that requires mobility.

Retail and Hospitality:

Polyurethane castors are used in the retail and hospitality sectors for applications such as display racks, merchandise carts, service trolleys, and hotel luggage carts. They provide smooth rolling and minimize noise in customer-facing environments.

Automotive and Aerospace:

Polyurethane castors are employed in automotive and aerospace industries for applications like tool cabinets, maintenance trolleys, and engine stands. They withstand heavy loads, provide shock absorption, and resist chemicals, making them suitable for these demanding environments.

Institutional and Educational Facilities:

Polyurethane castors are utilized in schools, universities, libraries, and other educational institutions for applications such as bookshelves, AV carts, and mobile whiteboards. They offer floor protection, noise reduction, and ease of movement in these settings. 

Laboratory Equipment:

Polyurethane castors are commonly used in laboratory settings for equipment such as mobile workbenches, utility carts, and instrument stands. They provide stability, chemical resistance, and gentle movement on laboratory floors.


Hospitality and Entertainment:

Polyurethane castors find applications in the hospitality and entertainment industries, including hotel luggage carts, stage equipment, audio-visual racks, and exhibition displays. They ensure smooth rolling, floor protection, and ease of manoeuvrability.

Mobile Stage Sets,Theatre, Film, & TV Sets:

Polyurethane castors come in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for different types of stage sets. They can be attached to platforms, set pieces, and movable structures, providing flexibility in stage design and set changes.


Polyurethane castorsPolyurethane castors


We stock a wide range of high quality polyurethane casters with both swivel and braked brackets with or without single bolt fixings.  


We offer very heavy duty polyurethane castors with cast iron centres which can manage heavy loads for very long periods of time or in applications with very high physical demand. We also offer a range of light to medium duty polyurethane castors with thermoplastic or aluminium centres for light, occasional and medium use.


With well over £1million of stock at cost value, and more than 3000 different wheels and castors available from the UK at any given time, we are sure to have the right product for you.