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High Performance Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor Roller Supply

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TEP Technica Ltd supplies a wide range of conveyor rollers in standard and non-standard materials for flexible conveyors and fixed roller based conveyor systems. The two main options are conveyor rollers made with a high quality thermoplastic polyamide moulded around a ball bearing. We offer these conveyor rollers in a range of tread widths and mounting widths to suit your application requirements. We take pride in our reputation for supplying high quality, competitively priced conveyor rollers supplied from stock or fabricated to your specifications.

In addition to the thermoplastic conveyor rollers we also offer a large range of pevothan conveyor rollers with load capacities from 30kgs per conveyor roller up to 130kgs. For particularly intense applications we can offer conveyor rollers made with Vulkollan or for greater sound dampening we have a small range of conveyor rollers with a non-detachable mechanically bonded tread made of polyurethane.

Key benefits of our conveyor rollers

  • Manufactured in Germany by Rader Vogel
  • Wide choice of sizes to suit your application
  • Longer life cycle, lower costs, less maintenance
  • Suitable for maintaining a hygienic environment

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Conveyor Rollers - Design

Our range of conveyor rollers are manufactured by Rader Vogel in Germany in their large state-of-the-art production facilities. Our conveyor rollers are produced to a very high standard with accurate tolerances and load bearing capabilities. We offer a complete design service for very large volume orders down to individual conveyor roller designs.

Our conveyor rollers for gravity or driven conveyors come in both standard sizes and non-standard plus we can manufactured from new to customers own design. We use the latest AutoCAD and AutoDesk products and can provide you with technical drawings and designs in multiple formats for the design and manufacture of any type of conveyor roller assembly. We are happy to tender for large scale projects or existing maintenance contracts in either the public or private sector.

Small conveyor rollers, plastic track conveyor rollers, heavy duty rollers for industrial applications.

Conveyor Roller Specialists

Benefits of thermoplastic conveyor rollers:

  • Free running capability to convey very lightweight loads
  • Suitable for use in humid, wet or wash-down environments
  • Non-marking
  • Low cost

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Where are conveyor rollers used?

Conveyor rollers are a component of material handling systems often found in large warehouse operations and are used on production lines to transport objects of various size and weight along the line.   The use of conveyor rollers provides safety from injury by reducing the risk of manually handling heavy or bulky objects and allows the user to transport material with minimal effort.  Conveyor rollers evenly distribute the weight of an object for a more efficient and safer way to handle goods. The rollers can be powered by gravity, manually or by motor.

Conveyor rollers are used in automated and manual assembly processes.  Conveyors enable movement of a product or component part to the correct position for the next phase of the production line. Modern conveyors are designed to integrate with robotic production lines, manual production lines and production and packaging equipment. Used to increase efficiency it is essential that conveyors experience minimum down time so it is vital that conveyor rollers are durable and smooth running. At TEP Technic we recommend Rader Vogel conveyor wheels for they strength, quality and reliability.

How do Conveyor Rollers work?

Conveyor rollers are mounted evenly and in parallel to each other on a frame through central axles allowing the rollers to rotate. Conveyor frame systems can be straight, curved or even z-shaped -the frame configuration is set to suit the production line and workspace. Rollers come in a variety of sizes, tread material and load capacities.  Please get in touch with our specialist team to discuss the application of your conveyor roller to ensure you select the best conveyor roller suitable for the load and environment to provide reliable long service life.

Types of Roller Conveyors

TEP Technica can supply small roller conveyors for lightweight boxes and materials, up to heavy duty gravity and powered conveyor rollers.

  • Gravity Conveyor Roller Systems – mounted parallel rollers powered manually or by gravity used on loading docks and for baggage handling.
  • Driven/Powered Conveyor Roller Systems – mounted rollers powered to convey products and material handling applications.
  • Overhead Conveyor Systems – electric track, inclined or ramped, monorail, or trolley rollers conveyor systems mounted from ceilings used in circumstances where an object requires hanging to dry for example painted items, or items that require colling or curing.  The majority of overhead conveyor systems are powered.

Next Day Delivery

When you have to transport heavy or bulking materials conveyor systems are a vital part of the operation. In any industrial manufacturing or warehousing system down time costs money – at TEP Technica we stock a wide range of conveyor rollers at our UK warehouse and can dispatch on next day delivery to ensure the rollers for your mechanical handling equipment is replaced fast.

At our UK warehouse we hold large stocks of conveyor rollers that can be dispatched on a next day delivery service, alternatively we can offer a bespoke design service. 

Order online or get in touch with our technical support team on +44 (0) 1256 763744.

Conveyor Rollers from TEP Technica