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Introduction to wet grip wheels

TEP Technica Ltd can supply almost our entire range of wheels with a wet grip compound as an alternative to the standard materials. We offer three main wet grip compounds Vulkollan® – Wet Grip, Polyurethane – Wet Grip and Pevodyn - Soft. We have one of the largest ranges of wet grip wheels for industrial applications in the UK.

Vulkollan® – Wet Grip is one of our most popular compounds offering the same excellent characteristics as Vulkollan® but with considerably more traction. This compound is suitable for most applications where the floors are wet and slippery or where the application surface is naturally very smooth such as steel. For driven machines such as forklift trucks and clean sweepers this added traction will increase the safety performance especially when braking and cornering.

Vulkollan® – Wet Grip is applicable for machinery where you require added traction and yet the application itself involves carrying high loads, high speeds or operating at maximum efficiency for prolonged periods. Vulkollan® – Wet Grip can also be produced in a softer compound to offer even greater traction as more of the tread is in contact with the floor surface, however this is for lower load applications. Softer tread materials will also increase dampening and offer drivers of equipment a more comfortable ride.

Polyurethane – Wet Grip is another popular compound with good resistance to wear and tear but with additional traction for braking and cornering on soiled floors. This can also be supplied in a lower shore hardness to offer greater grip and driver comfort.

This compound is most suitable for lighter industrial applications where the wheels are not operating at maximum efficiency. It is important to note that whenever you reduce the shore hardness of a compound it will also reduce the tyres load capacity so if you are not entirely sure which compound is right for your application please ask us for advice.

Pevodyn-Soft is a relatively new wet grip compound which is neither Vulkollan® nor polyurethane and with a low shore hardness offers the benefit of extra traction and lower shore hardness while only reducing load capacity by around 10%.

Key benefits of our wet grip wheels

  • Manufactured in Germany by Rader Vogel
  • Different versions to meet load capacity requirements
  • Improved safety especially when braking and cornering
  • High quality compounds offer excellent resistance to wear and tear

Wet Grip wheels

Vulkollan wet grip wheels are typically hand poured using a special mixture of vulkollan at a lower short hardness (for example 80 Shore A) with small pieces of cured vulkollan which are much harder at say 93 Shore A. As the tread is worn down during application the small harder pieces start to protrude from the tread giving you extra grip/traction because the softer vulkollan around the small pieces will wear down quicker. The same method is used on our wet grip polyurethane wheels.

Our new range of pevodyn -soft industrial wheels are based on a completely new compound which has been developed, researched and tested in partnership with Rader Vogel and their suppliers. Early indications are this is a high performance wet grip compound with excellent traction especially when forklifts for example are turning, braking and using ramps with wet and slippery floors. We can offer wet grip wheels in this compound for nearly our entire range of industrial wheels.

We have listed below some wet grip wheels for you to view as way of example. You can order these wet grip wheels either through the advanced search facility or over the phone with our technical sales team. We have a huge range of wet grip industrial wheels in stock and an even larger list of industrial wheels we could supply in a wet grip compound so please do ask if you cannot see what you are looking for either from this small sample or from our advanced search.

Please note that prices are only a guide on this page and prices will vary in real-time due to material price changes, exchange rates, market conditions and whether you are a trade professional. Any prices you see at point of online order elsewhere on this website are in real-time and will be correct at time of purchase.