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Wet Grip WheelsWet Grip Wheels


TEP Technica Ltd can supply almost our entire range of wheels with a wet grip compound as an alternative to the standard materials. 


We have a diverse selection of wet-grip compounds designed specifically to deliver outstanding traction on wet and slippery surfaces. These traction wheels, which are under patent protection, significantly enhance performance and safety in environments prone to slippery floors. They are commonly used on on dock levellers, cold storage facilities, and areas with frequent spillages. Additionally, we provide wet-grip compounds with a softer composition and the exceptional traction of our Quartz compound, catering to operations on extremely greasy and oily surfaces, as encountered in settings like fish markets or dairy processing facilities.


‘Wet grip’ is measured on the wet braking performance of a tyre in an emergency situation.

The ability to adhere to the surface in wet conditions is an important safety consideration when selecting a wheel. We offer three main wet grip compounds Vulkollan® – Wet Grip, Polyurethane – Wet Grip, and Pevodyn - Soft. We have one of the largest ranges of wet grip wheels for industrial applications in the UK. 


Wet Grip WheelsWet Grip Wheels
Vulkollan® – Wet Grip

Vulkollan® Wet Grip is one of our most popular compounds offering the same excellent characteristics as Vulkollan® but with considerably more traction. This compound is suitable for most applications where the floors are wet and slippery or where the application surface is naturally very smooth such as steel. For driven machines such as forklift trucks and cleaning sweepers this added traction will increase the safety performance especially when braking and cornering.

Vulkollan®  Wet Grip is applicable for machinery where you require added traction and yet the application itself involves carrying high loads, high speeds or operating at maximum efficiency for prolonged periods. Vulkollan® – Wet Grip can also be produced in a softer compound to offer even greater traction as more of the tread is in contact with the floor surface, however this is for lower load applications. Softer tread materials will also increase dampening and offer drivers of equipment a more comfortable ride.

Vulkollan® Wet Grip wheels are typically hand poured using a special mixture of Vulkollan® at a lower short hardness (85 Shore A) with small pieces of cured Vulkollan® which are much harder at 95 Shore A. As the tread is worn down during application the small harder pieces start to protrude from the tread giving you extra grip/traction because the softer vulkollan around the small pieces will wear down quicker. The same method is used on our wet grip polyurethane wheels.

Polyurethane – Wet Grip

Polyurethane – Wet Grip is another popular compound with good resistance to wear and tear but with additional traction for braking and cornering on soiled floors. This can also be supplied in a lower shore hardness to offer greater grip and driver comfort.

This compound is most suitable for lighter industrial applications where the wheels are not operating at maximum efficiency. It is important to note that whenever you reduce the shore hardness of a compound it will also reduce the tyres load capacity so if you are not entirely sure which compound is right for your application please ask us for advice.


Pevodyn-Soft is a relatively new wet grip compound which is neither Vulkollan® nor polyurethane. With a low shore hardness it offers the benefit of extra traction and dampening while only reducing load capacity by around 10%.

Our new range of Pevodyn-Soft industrial wheels are based on a completely new compound which has been developed, researched and tested in partnership with Rader-Vogel®. Early indications are this is a high performance wet grip compound with excellent traction especially when forklifts for example are turning, braking and using ramps with wet and slippery floors. We can offer wet grip wheels in this compound for nearly our entire range of industrial wheels.


Wet grip wheels, designed to offer superior traction on wet and slippery surfaces, find their use in various industries and environments where maintaining stability and safety under such conditions is crucial.

Here are some common applications for wet grip wheels: 


Wet Grip WheelsWet Grip Wheels
Food Industry - Fisheries, Creameries, Meat Industry:

Wet grip wheels are essential in food processing plants, commercial kitchens, and restaurants where spillages of liquids, oils, or food materials are common. They help prevent accidents and ensure safe movement of carts, trolleys, and equipment.

Warehouses and Distribution Centers:

In environments where floors might become wet due to weather conditions or other factors, wet grip wheels are used on material handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and hand trucks to prevent skidding and ensure secure movement of goods.

Cold Storage Facilities:

Cold storage areas often have condensation or ice buildup, making surfaces slippery. Wet grip wheels are critical for ensuring safe operations of equipment and vehicles in these environments.

Manufacturing and Production Floors:

In manufacturing settings where liquids, oils, or chemicals are used, wet grip wheels help maintain worker safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls around machinery and assembly lines.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

Wet grip wheels are employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants to prevent accidents when moving delicate or hazardous materials on wet floors.

Hospitals and Healthcare:

In healthcare facilities, wet grip wheels are used on medical carts and equipment, ensuring safe transportation of supplies and devices, even in areas where spills might occur.

Marine Industry:

Wet grip wheels are essential in marine environments, including docks and shipyards, to prevent accidents when moving equipment and cargo on wet surfaces.

Construction Sites:

Construction sites often involve wet conditions due to rain or water used in various processes. Wet grip wheels help maintain worker safety and equipment stability.


With well over £1million of stock at cost value, and more than 3000 different forklift wheels available from the UK at any given time, we are sure to have the right product for you.