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Introduction to Vulkollan® wheels

Vulkollan Wheels from TEP Technica

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TEP Technica Ltd is the largest independent stockist of Vulkollan® industrial wheels in the UK. We can supply Vulkollan® wheels for almost any application including forklifts, escalators, lifts, specialist applications, overhead conveyor systems, rollercoasters, automated systems and heavy duty applications to name a few. We supply Vulkollan® drive wheels, Vulkollan® load wheels, Vulkollan® Stabilizer wheels, Vulkollan® pallet rollers and Vulkollan® press on tyres to a very high standard. We also offer different types of Vulkollan® including a wet grip Vulkollan® compound, a Vulkollan® harder compound for greater load capacity and a Vulkollan® electrically conductive compound for wheels and castors that are operating in a an area with a high risk of explosions.

Vulkollan® wheels have very high load capacity, are resistant to wear, tear and impact damage and are non-marking. Vulkollan® wheels offer customers an increase in productivity, a reduction in down-time and far lower life-cycle costs than equivalent products. To view the PDF technical datasheets on the different types of Vulkollan® we can supply please click on downloads. Alternatively you can use our advanced search and select Vulkollan® as the tread material along with sizes and different wheel types to see what we have in stock. Keywords: Vulkollan®, Vulkollan® wheels, Vulkollan® drive wheels, Vulkollan® load wheels, Vulkollan® industrial wheels.

Key benefits of our Vulkollan® wheels

  • Ideal for heavy duty and intense applications
  • Longer life leads to lower replacement costs and increased productivity
  • Resistance to impact damage, wear and tear
  • Extra load bearing capacity makes Vulkollan® wheels safer to use
  • Vulkollan® is very versatile offering special variations to suit your requirements

We are proud of our partnership with Rader Vogel - the market leader in the production of Vulkollan® and polyurethane industrial wheels and castors. Estbalished in 1946 they operate from two facilities in Germany producing over 30,000 wheels per day.  They have established a global reputation for producing forklift wheels to the highest quality.   The superior quality of these wheels allows our customers to enjoy lower life cycle costs, greater productivity, increased safety and a substantial overall reduction in fleet running costs. 

Applications for Vulkollan® wheels

  • Forklifts
  • Escalators
  • Lifts/Elevators
  • Rollercoasters/Theme Park Rides/Amusement Rides
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Baggage Handling

Examples of Vulkollan® wheels

We hold in stock over £250,000 of vulkollan wheels from our purpose built warehouse in the UK. With access to over 10,000 different types of Vulkollan® wheel it would not be possible to list them all here. We have an advanced search facility which will allow you to find specific Vulkollan® wheels from our very large range in stock or you can contact us to discuss your requirements. As way of example we have listed below different types of Vulkollan® wheel which we stock.

Please note that the prices will vary depending on volumes, exchange rates, changes to material costs and whether you are a trade professional. If you require more accurate information about any wheel please do contact our technical sales team who have a wealth of experience with vulkollan wheels and their many applications.

Highly engineered Vulkollan© roller, the king of elastomers. Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards, this roller has a superior Vulkollan© (93 Shore A) tread directly bonded to a steel centre with our without ball bearings, shields or bushing. Suitable for high load, high speed applications, the Vulkollan© tread is non-marking, impact and wear resistant.



Small Vulkollan© roller for high speed high load applications & long service life. Manufactured in Germany, this guide roller is engineered for heavy duty applications where it may be required to operate for long periods of time at maximum capability. The roller has a steel centre, force fitted ball bearings and a directly bonded Vulkollan© (93 Shore A) tread. The tread has excellent mechanical properties including high dynamic load, high abrasion and tear resistance and a high modulus of elasticity. Non-marking.

A small heavy duty Vulkollan® keyway wheel (<150mm Diameter). Manufactured in Germany for heavier duty industrial applications this smaller wheel has a superior Vulkollan© tread directly bonded to cast iron or steel centre in a more robust design with keyway according to DIN 6885. The tread is non-marking with excellent mechanical properties. We also offer this wheel in medium (Series 178KM) and larger sizes (Series 171A).



A large heavy duty Vulkollan® keyway wheel (>300mm Diameter).Manufactured in Germany for heavier duty industrial applications this larger wheel has a superior Vulkollan© tread directly bonded to a stable welded centre in a more robust design with keyway according to DIN 6885. The tread is non-marking with excellent mechanical properties. We also offer smaller versions in SERIES 178K and SERIES 178KM.


Machine this Vulkollan© & cast-iron wheel to your own specification. This pre-machined wheel has a Vulkollan© tread directly bonded to a high-grade cast iron centre with a pre-drilled bore for customers own machining. Ideal for prototyping new product designs or can be machined to match difficult to source replacement wheels. All wheels are equipped with a clamping trough. The tread is non-marking, and has excellent mechanical properties for a long service life.



Heavy-duty Vulkollan® wheel for high load high speed applications. Manufactured in Germany, this wheel is very similar to Series 178P but the Vulkollan© tread is a superior grade of polyurethane for more arduous applications operating at faster speeds and higher loads. The tread material is non-marking with excellent mechanical properties, long service life and resistance to oils, greases, wear and tear.



At our UK warehouse we hold a large stocks of Vulkollan© wheels that can be dispatched on a next day delivery service. We offer a wide array of wheels to suit a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Order online or get in touch with our technical support team on +44 (0) 1256 763744.

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