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Vulkollan WheelsVulkollan Wheels


TEP Technica Ltd is the largest independent stockist of Vulkollan® industrial wheels in the UK. 


We can supply Vulkollan® wheels for almost any application including forklifts, escalators, lifts, specialist applications, overhead conveyor systems, rollercoasters, automated systems and heavy duty applications to name a few. We supply Vulkollan® drive wheels, Vulkollan® load wheels, Vulkollan® Stabilizer wheels, Vulkollan® pallet rollers and Vulkollan® press on tyres to a very high standard. We also offer different types of Vulkollan® including a wet grip Vulkollan® compound, a Vulkollan® harder compound for greater load capacity and a Vulkollan® electrically conductive compound for wheels and castors that are operating in a an area with a high risk of explosions.


Vulkollan® wheels are known for their exceptional performance in various industrial applications.

Vulkollan® is a high-quality polyurethane material that exhibits unique mechanical and chemical properties, making it suitable for demanding environments. Here are some of the notable properties of Vulkollan® wheels: 


Vulkollan wheelsVulkollan wheels
High Load Capacity:

Vulkollan® wheels have a high load-carrying capacity due to their excellent mechanical strength and resilience. They can handle heavy loads without deforming or deteriorating quickly.

Abrasion Resistance:

Vulkollan® wheels are highly resistant to abrasion and wear, making them ideal for applications where the wheels come into contact with rough or abrasive surfaces. This property contributes to their long lifespan.

Tear Resistance:

Vulkollan® has good tear resistance, which helps prevent the material from easily ripping or tearing under stress. This property is crucial for maintaining wheel integrity in challenging environments.


Vulkollan® wheels are elastomeric, meaning they can undergo substantial deformation under load and return to their original shape once the load is removed. This elasticity enhances their shock-absorbing capabilities.

Low Compression Set:

Vulkollan® exhibits a low compression set, meaning it retains its shape and properties even after prolonged periods of compression. This property ensures the wheels maintain their performance over time.

Chemical Resistance:

Vulkollan® is resistant to various chemicals, oils, and solvents commonly encountered in industrial settings. This resistance helps prevent the material from deteriorating when exposed to these substances.

High Traction:

The material's high coefficient of friction provides Vulkollan® wheels with excellent traction, reducing the likelihood of slippage and improving control during movement.

Noise Reduction:

Vulkollan® wheels are known for their quiet operation. Their elasticity helps dampen vibrations and noise generated during rolling, contributing to a quieter work environment.

Wide Temperature Range:

Vulkollan® wheels can perform effectively across a broad temperature range, from sub-zero temperatures to relatively high temperatures, without significant changes in their mechanical properties.

Dimensional Stability:

Vulkollan® wheels maintain their dimensional stability under varying conditions, ensuring consistent performance and accurate tracking.


Vulkollan® is non-marking, which means it doesn't leave visible marks or streaks on floors or surfaces, making it suitable for applications where floor aesthetics are important.



Vulkollan® wheels are widely used in various industrial applications due to their exceptional mechanical properties and durability.

The material's combination of load-bearing capacity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and other properties makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of industrial needs. Here are some common applications where Vulkollan® wheels are frequently employed: 


Vulkollan wheelsVulkollan wheels
Material Handling Equipment:

Vulkollan® wheels are commonly used in forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment. Their high load-carrying capacity, abrasion resistance, and excellent traction make them suitable for transporting heavy loads in warehouses and distribution centres.

Industrial Carts and Trolleys:

Vulkollan® wheels are used in carts and trolleys used in manufacturing facilities, assembly lines, and warehouses. Their durability and quiet operation are advantageous in these settings.

Automotive Industry:

Vulkollan® wheels find applications in automotive manufacturing, particularly in production lines where heavy parts need to be moved or positioned precisely. Their ability to withstand the weight of vehicles and equipment is beneficial in this industry.

Aerospace Industry:

Vulkollan® wheels are used in aerospace applications for transporting aircraft components, engines, and other heavy equipment within manufacturing facilities.

Textile Industry:

In textile manufacturing, Vulkollan® wheels can be found on machinery used for weaving, spinning, and material handling due to their abrasion resistance and ability to handle heavy loads.

Mining and Construction Equipment:

Vulkollan® wheels are used in heavy-duty equipment such as trommels, mining carts, construction machinery, and earthmoving equipment. Their durability and ability to withstand rough terrain and heavy loads are advantageous.

Food Processing:

Vulkollan® wheels are used in food processing equipment like trolleys and conveyors. Their non-marking property ensures that they don't leave visible marks on floors, maintaining cleanliness in the food processing environment.

Medical Equipment:

Vulkollan® wheels are used in medical carts, hospital beds, and other equipment where smooth and precise movement is essential. Their low noise operation and durability are valuable in healthcare settings.

Marine Industry:

Vulkollan® wheels are employed in marine applications for moving equipment, materials, and parts on ships and docks. Their resistance to moisture and abrasion is beneficial in maritime environments.

Printing Industry:

Vulkollan® wheels are used in printing presses and other equipment that require smooth and precise movement. Their ability to withstand the weight of printing machinery is important in this industry.

Warehouse and Distribution Centres:

Vulkollan® wheels are used in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and other systems for efficiently moving goods in warehouses and distribution centers.

Manufacturing and Production Lines:

Vulkollan® wheels are employed in various stages of manufacturing and production processes, including conveying raw materials, finished products, and components between different workstations.

Automated Systems:

Vulkollan® wheels are used in automated systems that require consistent and reliable movement, such as robotic arms and conveyor systems.


We hold in stock over £500,000 of Vulkollan® wheels from our purpose built warehouse in the UK. 

At our UK warehouse we hold a large stocks of Vulkollan® wheels that can be dispatched on a next day delivery service. We offer a wide array of wheels to suit a variety of industrial and commercial applications. 


We are proud of our partnership with Rader-Vogel® - the market leader in the production of Vulkollan® industrial wheels and castors. Established in 1946 they operate from two facilities in Germany producing over 30,000 wheels per day.  They have established a global reputation for producing forklift wheels to the highest quality. The superior quality of these wheels allows our customers to enjoy lower life cycle costs, greater productivity, increased safety and a substantial overall reduction in fleet running costs.

Vulkollan WheelsVulkollan Wheels


With well over £1million of stock at cost value, and more than 3000 different forklift wheels available from the UK at any given time, we are sure to have the right product for you.