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Introduction to Vulkollan® wheels

To view technical information and datasheets on our range of Vulkollan® wheels please click here

TEP Technica Ltd is the largest independent stockist of Vulkollan® industrial wheels in the UK. We can supply Vulkollan® wheels for almost any application including forklifts, escalators, lifts, specialist applications, overhead conveyor systems, rollercoasters, automated systems and heavy duty applications to name a few. We supply Vulkollan® drive wheels, Vulkollan® load wheels, Vulkollan® Stabilizer wheels, Vulkollan® pallet rollers and Vulkollan® press on tyres to a very high standard. We also offer different types of Vulkollan® including a wet grip Vulkollan® compound, a Vulkollan® harder compound for greater load capacity and a Vulkollan® electrically conductive compound for wheels and castors that are operating in a an area with a high risk of explosions.

Vulkollan® wheels have very high load capacity, are resistant to wear, tear and impact damage and are non-marking. Vulkollan® wheels offer customers an increase in productivity, a reduction in down-time and far lower life-cycle costs than equivalent products. To view the PDF technical datasheets on the different types of Vulkollan® we can supply please click on downloads. Alternatively you can use our advanced search and select Vulkollan® as the tread material along with sizes and different wheel types to see what we have in stock. Keywords: Vulkollan®, Vulkollan® wheels, Vulkollan® drive wheels, Vulkollan® load wheels, Vulkollan® industrial wheels.

Key benefits of our vulkollan wheels

  • Ideal for heavy duty and intense applications
  • Longer life leads to lower replacement costs and increased productivity
  • Resistance to impact damage, wear and tear
  • Extra load bearing capacity makes Vulkollan® wheels safer to use
  • Vulkollan® is very versatile offering special variations to suit your requirements

Examples of vulkollan wheels

We hold in stock over £250,000 of vulkollan wheels from our purpose built warehouse in the UK. With access to over 10,000 different types of Vulkollan® wheel it would not be possible to list them all here. We have an advanced search facility which will allow you to find specific Vulkollan® wheels from our very large range in stock or you can contact us to discuss your requirements. As way of example we have listed below different types of Vulkollan® wheel which we stock.

Please note that the prices will vary depending on volumes, exchange rates, changes to material costs and whether you are a trade professional. If you require more accurate information about any wheel please do contact our technical sales team who have a wealth of experience with vulkollan wheels and their many applications.