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Introduction to load wheels

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TEP Technica Ltd has the widest range of Rader Vogel load wheels in stock in the UK. We stock load wheels ranging from 30mm diameter to 450mm diameter with load capacities ranging from 10kgs to 6000kgs. We can also supply load wheels with larger diameters and load capacities up to 20,000kgs. Our load wheels are available in a wide range of tread materials including rubber, vulkollan, polyurethane, nylon, and polypropylene, electrically conductive, wet grip, phenolic and heat resistant. We also stock load wheels in with various hub materials and load wheels with different bearings and centre configurations to suit your application.

You can search our extensive stock of load wheels using the advanced search found on the left toolbar. You must be registered and logged in to use this search. Alternatively you can call our sales team on the number at the top of the homepage for technical advice on our load wheels. We stock load wheels with steel tube centres, pressed steel and stable welded steel centres for higher load capacity load wheels.

We stock low cost high load capacity nylon load wheels and low to medium duty load wheels with rubber and soft polyurethane treads. We have a very wide range of load wheels in stock at any time, so to help find what you are looking for either register online and use our advanced search tools or call our sales team for assistance. We offer load wheels in standard designs with ball bearings, roller bearings, plain bore and needle bearings. We also offer vehicle specific load wheels with or without brakedrums. You can search online for load wheels by tread material, dimensions or by vehicle. If you have a part number for your load wheel then you can try and match it with our extensive database of load wheel part number.

We are the largest independent dealer of Rader Vogel forklift wheels outside of Germany, and stock a wide range of Rader Vogel wheels and castors here in the UK. Rader Vogel forklift truck wheels are made to the highest manufacturing standard offering you increased productivity, longer operating life, lower replacement costs and improved overall safety. It is worth noting that Rader Vogel without an umlaut over the a should read Raeder Vogel. Keywords: Load wheels, heavy duty load wheels, vulkollan load wheels, polyurethane load wheels, rubber load wheels, nylon load wheels.

Key benefits of our load wheels

  • Manufactured in Germany by Rader Vogel
  • Massive range of load wheels on stock
  • Wide range of sizes and bearings
  • Wide choice of tread materials and hub centres
  • Longer life cycle, lower costs, less maintenance
  • Tear and wear resistant

Load wheels continued...

We have without doubt the widest range of load wheels in stock here in the UK and we can offer you next day delivery for orders before 3pm. We offer load wheels in a range of tread materials suitable for a wide range of applications. Our load wheels for forklift trucks come with or without brake drums and with or without bearings and/or bushes. We also offer a range of standard load wheels with or without bearings and with various hub materials. For standard heavy duty load wheels in vulkollan and heavy duty load wheels in polyurethane and light to medium duty rubber load wheels please visit our industrial wheel section. For specific forklift load wheels you can search our entire stock and database from the advanced search facility. Below is a small sample of load wheels we stock but it would not be possible to list all the load wheels we have in stock or can produce from scratch. You can order any load wheel online and prices will be correct at time of purchase. If you require advice or technical specifications on a particular load wheel please do call our technical sales team who would be pleased to help you. Please also note that real time prices will vary to those listed below due to exchange rate changes, market conditions and material costs etc etc.