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Introduction to stage rollers

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We supply a wide range of stage technology wheels and Rader Vogel are now one of the leading suppliers worldwide for wheels, rollers, pulleys and castors used in theatre and other stage environments. Lighting equipment and bespoke designs require a wide range of wheel options to suit.

Important characteristics for stage equipment wheels include reliability, safety, durability, easy mounting and low rolling resistance, low starting resistance and being non-marking. We offer a comprehensive range of products including wheels and rollers for stage machinery, stage and transport rollers and castors, heavy duty castors for stage wagons and drive and load wheels for rotary cages. We also supply grooved wheels and hose pulleys along with rollers and castors for ladders and bespoke solutions.  TEP Technica sell online low profile castors, spring loaded wheels, castors for scenery, prop design, rolling mobile stage wheels, set designers castsers and rollers for portable staging.

Key benefits of our stage rollers

  • Made by Rader Vogel in Germany
  • High quality and very reliable
  • Industry expertise
  • Custom made versions available
  • Wide choice of mounting options
  • Durable and Non-Marking

Shop stage rollers castors

Theatre stage rollers and wheels

We offer a wide range of theatre wheels and castors used to move various types of stage equipment and you can even find our stage rollers in stage panels and stage doors. Our rollers offer quiet running, absorb vibration and require no lubrication making them ideal for your theatre or stage equipment.

Requirements for stage wheels

  • Low Noise
  • Vibration Absorption
  • Non Marking
  • Easy Mounting
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • Low Starting Resistance

Our stage wheels are suitable for:

  • Modular Stages
  • Theatre Sets
  • Portable Stages
  • Film Sets
  • Film Props
  • Choir Stages
  • Dance Studios
  • School Stages
  • Mobile Stages
  • Scenery Shifters
  • Mobile Catwalks
  • Stage Systems
  • Live Music Concerts

Shop stage rollers castors



Mounted plate castors offering a high degree of strength and stability due to load weight distribution. Plate castors are often used on stage dollies for moving props or scenery. Our range of castors includes at triple swivel caster which has a heavy duty top plate fixing swivel head, mounted on top of the triangular base plate.

50/40 Heavy Duty Transport Castor Assembly Stage Wheels50/40 HEAVY DUTY TRANSPORT CASTOR ASSEMBLY

One of our best sellers because of the exceptional quality, at a price worth paying. This tri-stage swivel castor assembly (turtle) is manufactured in Germany using high quality materials for a long-life span and low starting and rolling resistance. Ideally suited for transporting heavy loads in a tight space for example on scenery construction or in theatre productions. The polyurethane tread offers high dynamic load capacity, high elasticity with strong mechanical wear resistance and compression set. The tread is non-marking and resistant to many chemicals and oils with a low level of water absorption. Replacement castors available from stock.





The Levelling castor wheel is used for objects that need to be stationary when in use, but also require occasional movement – for example a background scene during a performance, or a stage set.  The leveling pad is raised when the object needs to be moved and lowered once the object has reached the desired position.


Where surfaces are uneven and challenging rubber or pneumatic castors are suited to this type of environment.  Rubber castors also provide a greater deal of cushioning and noise reduction which is particularly important at a live stage performance.

We also offer bespoke wheels and castors for special projects whether for large quantities or a one off piece. Our stage swivel casters with non-marking treads provide easy and controlled maneuverability of heavy stage equipment even in confined spaces. Our stage swivels are engineered to provide perfect tracking and rollability and low noise running. Stage swivel castors are used for example on mobile stage scenery and mobile spectator stands.

80/35 Rubber on Nylon Swivel Single Bolt Theatre Castor - Blue & Non Marking80/35 RUBBER ON NYLON SWIVEL SINGLE BOLT CASTOR - BLUE & NON MARKING

Smooth, quiet operation with low starting and rolling resistance. From our exclusive range of very high quality, medium to heavy duty transport castor series. Produced to a very high standard in Germany, with non-marking tread.





 100/40 Pevodyn Soft Swivel/Lock Transport Castor100/40 PEVODYN SOFT SWIVEL/LOCK TRANSPORT STAGE & THEATRE CASTOR

Produced to a very high standard in Germany, they all have non-marking tread with low starting and rolling resistance.






Shop stage rollers castors


Our technical advisors are on hand to offer advice on product identification to select the correct castor for your application. Choosing a high-quality stage castor wheel means less maintenance and repairs, and more time for high quality performance. At our UK warehouse we hold a large stocks of stage wheels that can be dispatched on a next day delivery service. Order online or get in touch with our technical support team on +44 (0) 1256 763744.

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