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Introduction to drive wheels

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TEP Technica Ltd holds a large and varied range of drive wheels plus we can source an even larger range from our key suppliers. We stock medium to heavy duty drive wheels in Vulkollan, Polyurethane, electrically conductive, wet grip, softer and harder compounds and rubber to suit your application requirements.

Drive wheels come either with a keyway or stud hole configuration. Many of our drive wheels are used in the Material Handling Industry in particular drive wheels for forklift trucks and cleaning machines. Our drive wheels many of which are on stock can handle load capacities from 2000kgs up to 10,000kgs plus we can order drive wheels with load capacities up to 20,000kgs if required. Our drive wheels are either directly bonded or include a press on tyre for easy and reduced replacement costs. Our comprehensive range of drive wheels have a variety of hubs including pressed steel, cast iron and stable welded centres.

Key benefits of our drive wheels

  • Manufactured in Germany by Rader Vogel
  • Huge range of drive wheels on stock
  • Wide range of sizes, keyway and stud holes
  • Wide choice of tread materials and hub centres
  • Impact, tear and wear resistant
  • Very high load capacities

Drive wheels

We offer drive wheels with stud holes or keyway configuration. Keyway drive wheels have standard bore sizes and our drive wheels are specific to forklift trucks or cleaning machine. The drive wheels will fit specific gearboxes and will meet load capacity requirements for that vehicle. We hold in stock hundreds of drive wheels in many different tread materials so to list them all here would not be possible however we have a search tool where you can search our entire range or call our technical sales team for assistance. Please note that prices for our drive wheels will vary depending on market conditions, material costs and exchange rate changes but any prices for drive wheels quoted at time of purchase will be correct. Please note prices for our drive wheels will exclude VAT.