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Introduction to press on tyres

You can now order press on tyres online direct from our industrial wheel shop

TEP Technica offers a large range of high quality press on tyres with a choice of tread materials including vulkollan, polyurethane, wet grip, rubber and non-marking rubber plus different band configurations including directly bonded to a steel rim or with a steel wire core. We also offer bands with either a symmetrical or asymmetrical conical centre. As a standard we supply cylindrical steel ring press on tyres with a diameter range of 100mm to 920mm and load carrying capacity of 250kgs to 18,500kgs. We have regular stock of vulkollan press on tyres from 100mm diameter up to 40mm diameter and with volume in common sizes. We also stock regular sizes in polyurethane and rubber.

Because we do stock a variety of standard sizes please contact us for more details or select press on tyre when using our advanced search. Please note that if you wish tou use our advanced search then you will need to register with us first. If you prefer please call our sales team during normal working hours and we will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry. In addition to our extensive range of press on tyres we can supply you with a wide range of centres/hubs to match our perss on tyre requirements.

Press on tyres offer an efficient and cost effective methods of easily replacing old press on tyres. We have our own press and so can offer to press off and on tyres for small quantities if required. We also have the largest stock holding of Rader Vogel products outside of Germany. We stock many standard sizes of Rader Vogel press on tyres. Rader Vogel press on tyres are produced to the highest quality increasing productivity, reducing replacement costs and improving overall safety. We can also supply customised press on tyre designs. Keywords: press on tyres, polyurethane press on tyres, vulkollan press on tyres, solid rubber press on tyres.

Key benefits of our press on tyres

  • Manufactured in Germany by Rader Vogel
  • Accurate tolerances guarantees an excellent fit
  • Available in both metric and imperial dimensions
  • Machined to a very high quality
  • Very high load capacities
  • Low replacement costs
  • Non-marking options

Tread materials

We provide a huge range of press on tyres (tires) for a wide variety of applications. The tread material for your press on tyre is very much dependent on application type and load capacity requirements. We offer a range of solid rubber press on tyres which offer excellent rolling resistance, driver comfort and traction especially on concrete and other uneven surfaces. Rubber is around 70 Shore A in hardness and has a relatively low load capacity rating. For a higher load capacity we also offer a very high quality polyurethane directly bonded to a steel centre.

This is a very popular range of press on tires. For the highest load capacity rating required we offer the Bayer produced Vulkollan material on our press on tyres which is between 80 Shore A and 95 Shore A hardness depending on your preference. The polyreuthane and vulkollan tires are non-marking, tear, wear and impact resistant with a good resistance to numerous chemicals and oils. Please refer to us for accurate tolerances and specific load ratings on our industrial press on tyres (tires).

Press on tyres - design

We offer our customers a full design service for large scale production right down to individually manufactured parts for polyurethane press on tyres, vulkollan and polyurethane industrial wheels, drive wheel, castors, casters and load wheels with bearings. Using the latest AutoCAD and AutoDesk products we can provide you with technical drawings and designs in multiple formats for the design and manufacture of any type of wheel assembly.

Below are some of our most common press on tyres / press-on wheels. They are normally on stock and available for next day delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland including Northern Ireland. For offshore deliveries including Eire please contact us to arrange transport. Technical drawings are available upon request. Price range varies depending on demand, exchange rates, raw material costs and quantities required at time of order. All our press on tyres are manufactured in Germany.

To order any of these items you can now go to our industrial wheel shop and enter the product code into the quick search or call us on 01256 880119 monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.